There is more than meets the eye when it comes to logo design, there is careful consideration into the colours, font, positioning as well as the feeling and story that the logo communicates.

Logo design, geometric, brand identity

Visual inspiration in the form of images that inspire you are important to set the tone for the design. Creating an inspiration board can then present you with a colour palette, a feeling, potential graphic elements which could be used in your logo. Pinterest is a fantastic tool to search for images.

You may have 2 or 3 main colours which pop out immediately from your mood board, a neutral colour such as black or grey can help to keep it looking professional and balanced.

Business Branding, logo design, brand guide

A logo is an important element of your business, it should grow with you. Get it right near the beginning and can help create consistency. Thinking about your business and what you want for the future will you give you some clarity, consider, your vision, values, audience. All are important aspects to reflect on when developing your brand.

I firmly believe we should take advantage of our strength and outsource our weaknesses when it comes to your business. When I’ve tried to do something in the past that’s not within my skillset I just get annoyed, frustrated and it takes me way more time than it should.

Business branding, turquoise geometric pattern
You can buy this logo design here, see some other limited edition logos here. Or do you want something bespoke? See options here.

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